Service process

Domestic service hotline: 0755-26010708

International service hotline0755-26010708

Contact customer service

Tosave your precious time, please have all the product information ready beforecontacting the contact customer service personnel including the invoicesreceived when purchasing the product, the product serial NO., product modeletc.

Toaccurately describe the malfunction, please provide videos, photos and otherinformative information as many as possible. 

Mailing issues

1. After sales service to the faulty products can be mainly about mailing and replacing parts or products. So please contact and coordinate with the customer service before conduct any mailing

2. Please properly pack and faulty products and parts before mailing to avoid second damage in the mailing process which will bring trouble to the fault cause determination.

To door service

1. Please provide contact people information, including phone number and address to the customer service if any repairing needs to be done on site.

2. The after sales service engineer will call the customer and confirm the actual service time before on site repair.

3. Traffic, accommodation, meals and other charges arising from on site services need to be negotiated with customer service in advance.

Charge policy

1. For the parts not covered by warranty or when their warranties expire, the maintenance will be done with charges.

2. Before maintenance conducted to faulty product without warranty, a maintenance quotation will be made to the customer including parts replacement fee and labor cost.

Warranty policy

1. The products’ maintenance will be conducted in strict accordance to the warranty policy in the signed contract.

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