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    Intelligent sanitary ware is a popular living facility in modernfamilies,especiallythe high end intelligent sanitary products,  which are pursued by rich modern families asluxuries.  In the busy business society, withpeople’s pressure from life, work and family growing, massage bathtub, steam sauna,SPA and other intelligent leisure bathroom products have gradually become animportant part of modern families. They are the best facilities for people to relaxand release pressure on one hand and on the other hand, the household products thathighlight the finance strength of modern families. With the improvement of people’sliving standard and aesthetic ability, there are more and more requirements tosanitary products and the quality standard becomes higher and higher. With theinfluence of factors such as the prosperity of the real estate market, theindustry of intelligent leisure sanitary ware has a very broad market prospect.This is especially true in developed areas and emerging economies, such as Europe,North America, andChinawhere large consumer market exists.

User experience

What JOYONWAY makes are for sure excellent products!

In 2016, JOYONWAY presented SPA control system, covering Luxury, mediumand low grade products, which are specially designed for all-weather out door environment.

    1. Control panel: 2.0” and 3.5” TFT colorful LCD, IT level separate pagedisplay, capacitive touch key with even backlight, tool-free installation designand simple system configuration operation

    2. Controlsystem: 3 types of control system with different configurations. Oriental streamlinedshape design. The highly integrated design of constant temperature heater andcircuit board eliminates much installation work

At the end of 2017, JOYONWAY presented 120W Bluetooth audio amplifierwith external power supply. It is with Bluetooth 4.0 professional audio Bluetoothsolution, 4.0 sound channel (4*30W) or 2.1 sound channel (2*30W+1*60W) output, abdfrequency 20Hz-20KHz. By a simple touch of your phone, the amplifier willenable you the perfect music experience.

    In the mid of 2018, JOYONWAY presented 30W Bluetooth audio amplifierwith internal power supply. It is with 4.2 Bluetooth professional audio Bluetoothsolution, 2.0 sound channel (2*15W) output, and frequency 20Hz-20KHz. By asimple touch of your phone, it will also promise you perfect music enjoyment.

    In the mid of 2018, JOYONWAY also developed SPA lights. The transparent lightshadesare made of imported materials from theUnited States. They have excellentchemical resistance, rigidity and toughness. The above properties are farhigher than those of the industry. They are perfectly suitable for all-weather and chemical resistance ofoutdoor SPA.The LED light usesTaiwancrystal chip to improve product life. The SPA master light has built-insynchronous driver with high power output. Its high integration reducesinstallation trouble and improves product life.

New product launch

    120W Bluetooth power amplifier will be launched in 2019.

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